The 128th Canton Fair is just two days away from its opening on Oct 13

The 128th Canton Fair is just two days away from its opening on Oct 13.Reporters have learned that on October 16, the 128th Canton Fair will be held together with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce to hold the first "Domestic and international double circulation, domestic trade and foreign trade driven - The Canton Fair double circulation promotion activities."

More than 30 enterprises from Guangdong will participate

As a new measure of the Canton Fair to help the national strategy, the double-cycle promotion activity will improve the quality, transform, change routes, stratify, reshape the thinking and create opportunities for foreign trade enterprises from multiple dimensions, so as to promote the optimization and upgrading of the trade structure and construct the "double-cycle" development pattern.

The first event is expected to be attended by more than 30 enterprises with the intention of domestic trade in Guangdong province, including large supermarkets, physical chain stores, social e-commerce platforms, local chain stores, online/cross-border e-commerce associations, etc.

The event will be conducted in a combination of online and offline modes.Online, sharing the cloud resources of Canton Fair, digital enabling, improve enterprise display effect;Compile the handbook of highlights of high-quality enterprises and publicize it through multiple channels.Offline, guests in the customs and other fields will interpret the support policies related to the transfer of exports to domestic sales and become corporate think tanks.Three theme areas will be set up at the event site, and enterprises will be able to directly connect with the purchaser.

At present, domestic demand has become the "ballast" and "stabilizer" for stable economic performance.Supporting foreign trade enterprises in grasping domestic trade opportunities and introducing marketable products to the domestic market will not only help foreign trade enterprises tide over the current difficulties, but also help to tap the potential of domestic demand and enhance the resilience of industrial and supply chains.

In the future, the Canton Fair will also combine more provincial and municipal business systems, industry associations, chain stores and supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and other resources to plan and hold a series of double-cycle promotion activities and give full play to the role of a comprehensive trading platform.