Some Knowledge About Room Divider Screens

What are the requirements for the specifications of the Room Divider Screens?

Screen color and pattern

From the two aspects of color and pattern, the color and pattern of the screen in the home can be selected according to personal preferences, yes, but it must be in harmony with the style of the house.

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Screen setting height

The height of the screen in the home should not be too high, and the number of panels should not be too much. Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed the height of ordinary people standing; otherwise, the screen is prone to unstable center of gravity, but it is easy to feel depressed. People's psychology has a certain shadow.

Screen material selection

In general, screens of different materials placed at the door will give people different feelings. The choice of screens is first of all raw materials, and the best choice is to use wooden screens, including bamboo screens and paper screens, which are all wooden screens. The effect of molecular compound plastic and metal material screens is relatively poor, especially metal screens, their own magnetic field does not change, and will also disturb the human body's magnetic field, it is better to use less.

Resolve the unfavorable effects of the toilet

1. Use a screen partition in front of the toilet door to make the bathroom no longer monotonous and play a decorative role. Of course, the front screen of the toilet door is not only a decorative function, such a screen partition is good for daily use. The door partition of the bathroom not only has a decorative effect that is different from other sanitary partitions of other materials, but it can also partition us a safe and comfortable private space, making it more convenient for us to use the bathroom. The door partition is much modern The partition method often selected in the design of household sanitary partition.

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2. The kitchen and toilet are the most humid places in the house. The front screen of the bathroom will not have any bad influence in the hot and humid environment of the bathroom. The partition material must have strong moisture-proof and anti-corrosion ability.

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3. The door partition of the bathroom can not only decorate the space, but also is sturdy and durable. It has strong anti-corrosion and moisture resistance. Even in the hot and humid environment of the bathroom, the partition of the bathroom door will not be adversely affected.

What style of screen is suitable for the bathroom?
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If you don`t know what kind of screen to choose at home, you can use hollow carved wood screens, or art glass, to a certain extent for the purpose of shielding. If someone thinks that any screen partition is not good-looking, and it will make the aisle very narrow. If the bathroom is facing the door of the living room, turn it into a bright decoration, using some materials such as mosaic, glass or antique tiles. When you choose a bathroom screen, be careful not to buy one that is too eye-catching or cool. If necessary, you can also consider changing the layout and design of the original wall.

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