What Are The Purchasing Skills For The Chest Of Drawers?

Chests of drawers can be roughly divided into the following types: mahogany furniture chests of drawers, European classical chests of drawers, new Chinese style chests of drawers, and cabinets of chests of drawers. According to the style, it can be divided into: Korean Chest Of Drawers, contemporary chest of drawers, rural scenery chest of drawers, classic style chest of drawers, etc. Let's take a look at how to buy a chest of drawers.
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1. A detailed introduction to the chest of drawers

The chest of drawers is a chest of drawers, a furniture with boxes designed to hold drawers. In terms of delicacy, the chest of drawers has such a definition: it is a chest of drawers, which has a simple appearance, but is very usable. The specifications that are helpful for categorizing it are not big or small. The chest of drawers is generally 80 cm high and 40 to 50 cm wide and 35 to 40 cm up and down. To put it more shallowly, it is a rectangular
Wooden Cabinet. Stand it up and look even from the surface. The drawers are spread all over, and then sorted and put some sundries, so that it is easy to find, there are more drawers for this benefit.

The material of the chest of drawers: the key is MDF and particleboard. MDF: MDF is a kind of high-density board. It is made of lignin fiber, which is crushed, chemical fiber is separated, and adhesive is added after simple. , And then a composite board made by pressing. The MDF core particles are relatively fine. Particleboard chest of drawers: Particleboard, also known as particle board, bagasse board, is an artificial board made of wood or other lignin raw materials. After adding adhesive, it is glued under the effect of heating and working pressure. Particleboard core particles are relatively coarse.

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Second, the purchase of chest of drawers

1. Choose a suitable drawer depth and total width

When choosing a chest of drawers, first determine the objects to be stored and organized and the habit of storage and organization, and choose the appropriate deep and total width of the drawer to prevent the situation where the total width of the storage objects is insufficient or the deep-seated objects are difficult to retrieve.

2. Check if the drawer can be opened smoothly

Because the drawers of multi-drawer cabinets are often pulled and opened, you must pay attention to the silky level of the sliding door of the drawer when purchasing, and whether it can be pulled out and pushed back smoothly.

3. Minimize drawers with concave grooves on both sides

Some drawers are designed with concave grooves on both sides. Because the concave grooves create unnecessary gaps, it is very likely that small insects may come in, or there may be moisture in the body, which may lead to the destruction of the drawers. Pay attention to maintenance and dehumidification.

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Third, the matching of the chest of drawers

1. The choice of color. There should be a gap between the color of the chest of drawers and the color of the home decoration, in other words, it should be in harmony with the overall color of the home. In addition, the color and materials of the chest of drawers need to be consistent with other furniture in the large living room.

2. Selection of size. According to the application requirements and the size of the interior space design, choose drawers of different sizes.

3. Selection of key points. The shape design style of the chest of drawers should be consistent with the overall design style of home decoration, especially the key points, such as the design plan of the key points of the chest of drawers door handles, cabinet feet, etc., and the design style reflected should be the same as the design of all home furniture. The precise positioning of the style is the same.

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