Help You Correctly Place The Small Apartment Bedroom Dressing Table

In the bedroom, you can have an exclusive Dressing Table of your own, which is what every woman desires. But in fact, the dressing table is not placed randomly in the bedroom. It is more comfortable to put the dressing table in a reasonable position. For a small apartment bedroom, what are the techniques for placing the dressing table?


How to place the dressing table in a small apartment bedroom

1. Combined dressing table

Many people love the free-standing dressing table, because the shape will be more beautiful, flexible and casual, it looks good in the room, but for the family with not too much space, it is recommended to choose a combined dressing table, which is not only cheap, but also It saves space and is more practical.

combined dressing table

2. Have a dedicated lighting

lighting of the dressing table is very important and is conducive to makeup, and the lighting fixtures are installed on both sides of the mirror, so that the light can evenly shine on the person's face. Don't install it above the mirror. It will leave a shadow on the person's eye sockets and affect the makeup effect. .

3. Comes with a mirror

The dressing table without a mirror can only be used with a small mirror when applying makeup, which is very inconvenient and lacks a sense of security in the mood.

mirror dressing table
4. Do not put on the bed

When a person sleeps in a trance, he will be shocked when he sees the reflection in the mirror suddenly. If it is restricted by the layout and must be placed directly on the head of the bed, you can buy a mirror cover and cover it before going to bed.

5. Do not face the bedroom door

When everyone comes home after get off work at night, if you open the door and see the image in the dressing table, you will be frightened, and over time will make people frightened.

6. Do not use desks and computer desks as dressing tables

In order to facilitate or save space, many people would not choose to buy a dressing table, they can only make full use of a desk or computer as a dressing table. The standard dressing table is equipped with mirrors, drawers, etc. to avoid sharing with other people.

What are the dressing table styles

1. Dressing table of drawers

The dressing table of the 
Chest Of Drawers is elegant, calm, and exudes a romantic atmosphere. This kind of chest of drawers dressing table can also be used as a wardrobe. There are more dressing tables imitating mahogany, with fine workmanship, simplicity and elegance.
drawer dressing table
2. Desk-type dressing table

The desk-type dressing table is a combination of a desk and a dressing table. It can be used as a desk and at the same time as a dressing table, saving a lot of space.

3. European style dressing table

The European style dressing table is a popular style of dressing table now. It is mainly based on the exquisitely carved palace style, giving people a gorgeous and strong color, and the shape is more beautiful.

4. Simple dressing table

The simple dressing table is opposite to the European style dressing table. The simple style dressing table gives people a simple, practical, and modern feeling. It is not as grand as the European style. Mainly with simple lines and simple design, it is very suitable for young ladies nowadays.

simple dressing table

What to pay attention to when buying a dressing table

1. Appearance

The dressing table has a certain decorative function, so its appearance is very important. It is best to choose a dressing table brushed with paint, which is beautiful and also helpful for cleaning. Moreover, the dressing table is not easy to accumulate stains and does not affect the appearance.

2. Supporting

The dressing table sold by some merchants does not include a chair, so when choosing, ask if there is a matching chair. It is best to choose a matching dressing table, which looks more coordinated overall.

3. Brand

There are many styles and prices of dressing tables. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to buy products of well-known brands to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

4. Logs

Logs are the most important material for making the dressing table. The dressing table is made of logs, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and will not cause harm to the human body.

The above is an introduction to the placement skills of the small bedroom dressing table, the style of the dressing table and the precautions for purchase. If you are considering buying a bedroom dressing table of your own, you must not miss it.

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