Basic Knowledge of Chest of Drawers

The Chest Of Drawers is a kind of cabinet mainly used for storing things, and its storage capacity is very strong. It consists of multiple drawers combined side by side, which is convenient for storing small items, but its function is relatively single.

chest of drawer

There are different styles of drawers in the living room, and a good drawer can set off the layout of the house very well. There are common styles of three-drawer, four-drawer, five-drawer, six-drawer, seven-drawer, etc. The popular styles of drawers in the market are mainly divided into: British style, Korean style, modern style, rural style, classical style, Chinese style, color matte, etc.


Clean the Chest of Drawers
1. The 
Wooden Chest Of Drawers should be protected from dampness. Generally, just wipe it with a semi-damp cloth.

2. Keep hardware accessories (such as hinges, drawer guides) clean.

chest of drawer

Maintenance of The Chest of Drawers

1. Reserve enough space for use. The placement of furniture must take into account the space used. Generally, the storage of drawers needs to reserve space for push and pull drawers, and at least 75 cm should be reserved.

chest of drawer

2. Deal with drawers that are difficult to open. In a hot and humid climate, wooden drawers may swell, making it difficult to open and close. You can use candles or paraffin wax on the side and bottom rails of the drawer and rub the wax lightly.


3. Dehumidification and insect control measures. Usually take dehumidification and insect-proof measures. When storing clothes in a drawer, place an antibacterial and moisture-proof mat on the bottom of the drawer, and then put in a dehumidifier. The use of dehumidifier is necessary. When the air is drier, the drawer will naturally become less tight and easier to open. But pay attention to the safe distance between the dehumidifier and the wooden furniture.