How To Choose a Room Divider Screen

With the development of society, Room Divider screens materials, appearances and styles have become more diverse. Many people like to place a room divider screen in the entrance hall as a partition, which is both beautiful and practical.


So how to choose the room divider screen?


1 The size of the room divider.

room divider

There are different heights and sizes of room screens, so you should choose a suitable style according to the size of the room. If the area of the room is too large, you can choose a style with a gorgeous appearance and a larger size, so that the room will not appear very empty. If the space is small, it is recommended to choose a simple and generous style with a smaller size to make the space elegant and comfortable. But be careful, the room divider screen cannot be too high, otherwise it will be unsafe and make people feel depressed and nervous.

2 The stability of the room divider screen.

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Screens are furniture for daily use. For personal safety, they need to have sufficient stability. This is also a standard for judging the quality of screens. The stability of the screen is mainly based on the steel frames on both sides. A good screen will use steel frames as its pillars, because only the steel frame pillars can bear the weight of the additional equipment of the screen. At present, most of the domestic screens are made of wood as the backbone, and then connected with the steel plate with screws. However, this method is likely to cause the screen to deform due to the weather being too humid or the load being too heavy. Therefore, various protective measures must be taken to avoid problems.

3 The sound insulation effect of the room divider screen.

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With the development of technology, the exterior structure of the screen has also been improved. From the original block of sight, the function of wind shielding is added with the effect of sound insulation. If you like quietness at home, you can choose soundproof screens. Generally speaking, honeycomb panels are usually used for sound insulation screens, plus three-point plywood or steel plate with fireproof cloth. The honeycomb panels themselves can achieve the effects of sound insulation, temperature insulation, pressure resistance and no deformation. But the real sound insulation effect still needs better quality to achieve a better effect.

4 The light transmittance of room divider screens.

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The living room environment should be kept spacious and bright, so as to make people feel comfortable and benefit people's health. Therefore, the screen should be kept transparent to allow light to enter the room. In addition, the surrounding furniture should not be too dark in color, otherwise it will make the room environment darker and make people feel depressed and uncomfortable.

The above is the introduction of how to choose the screen, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! Choosing a good screen is not only beautiful and practical, it also decorates the interior space, but also a kind of feeling.

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