How To Put The Bedside Table For Aesthetics And Space Saving?

Due to the continuous decline in the area of commercial housing and the frequent occurrence of household pollution, many people consider the limitation of bedroom area, or to reduce the possibility of furniture pollution, save the Bedside Table.

However, there are many odds and ends before bed, such as mobile phones, glasses, drinking glasses, books... ... It's inconvenient not to have an area at the head of the bed to place things. So keep the nightstand!


1. Traditional Floor Style

Bedside Table

The advantage of ark of traditional floor type bedside depends on store content function is powerful, complete and enclosed receive next, the space on the vision appears more concise not only, still can prevent article to fall ash effectively, illicit close sex also is taller.
The traditional bedside cabinet is about 50cm in width. If the bedroom space is limited, it is impossible to buy finished products. It can be customized according to the reserved space size.


2. Advanced Floor Type

Bedside Table

The popular floor type bedside cabinet is more compact and light, the shape is more flexible and changeable, restoring ancient ways, literature and art, fashion... Different styles can be satisfied.
The cabinet body after improving, it is the union of cabinet face and drawer only no longer, the design form is rich and varied, open and closed union, visual administrative levels feel stronger; Slender legs and feet, reduce the visual sense of heavy, more light and delicate.
Compared with the traditional heavy nightstand, the small and light design does not need to take up too much space, and the most important thing is to make the nightstand a pleasant decoration.


3. Wall Mounted Shelf


Do not have enough space, a can receive and can decorate the frame of buy things or buy things can. Compared with common bedside cabinet, the cabinet mural ark that hangs on the wall does not occupy a space completely, surplus space can leave other furniture.
Simple clapboard wall is hanged to have to say is to replace the excellent artifact of bedside cabinet, already province a space, can promote whole household appearance level again, visual effect is very good.

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