How To Choose TV Stand Size?

The height of the finished TV Stand is generally between 40-60cm. Different design styles will have different sizes, and some businesses may also support customized heights.
TV Stand
Because the height is uncertain, it is recommended to choose the TV cabinet first when decorating. If you can't choose the TV cabinet in advance, leave the socket a bit high to avoid buying a TV cabinet later. For example, leaving the socket behind the TV, so that the socket is blocked by the TV (the gap between the TV and the wall is usually enough for the socket), which is also a good design.

Custom design the height of the TV cabinet

In addition to finished TV cabinets, TV cabinets can also adopt custom designs, such as suspended TV cabinets, floor TV cabinets, fireplace shapes, custom cabinet TV walls, etc., all of which are relatively unique and advanced TV wall designs.

Modern TV Stand
①Floating TV cabinet
The height of the suspended TV cabinet is usually within the height of 60cm. Because of the suspended installation, the height of this TV cabinet is generally preset in the early stage of decoration; at the same time, the position of the TV and the switch socket , Also have to make presets.

②Floor TV cabinet
The floor TV cabinet is made of stone or wood directly on the ground. Its height is generally controlled at about 30cm. If it is too high, there will be no sense of light design of the floor.

Generally speaking, the height of the finished TV cabinet is between 40-60cm, and the size of the customized TV cabinet can be made according to actual needs. In addition, the height of the TV cabinet should also consider the placement of the TV and the location of the socket to avoid conflicts between the selected TV cabinet height and the overall design.


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