Introduction to the Main Production Processes of the Wood Furniture Industry

Release time: 2024-01-31

Wooden furniture manufacturing companies are the most common type. They mainly use natural wood or wooden artificial panels as the main raw materials, and other auxiliary materials (such as paint, veneer materials, glass, hardware accessories) to make various wooden furniture. This time, we mainly use the common wooden furniture industry as an example to introduce the most typical processes in its production process.
The basic processes of wooden furniture manufacturing include wood cutting, milling, planing, drilling, grinding, assembly, paint finishing, etc. Usually the main production process can be divided into five processes: material preparation, machining, assembly, painting, and packaging.
1. Material preparation: usually refers to processing various types of boards into various required shapes in the woodworking workshop according to the different shapes of different furniture materials. The usual main processes include: cutting and cutting. , board cutting, planing, pressing, pressing, laminating, edge banding, paneling and bending and forming processes. Among them, pressing plate refers to the use of adhesive to bond the board to the board; lamination mainly uses glue to stick the veneer on the cutting surface of the board; edge sealing mainly includes wooden edge sealing and PVC edge sealing, which refers to wooden furniture panels Pasting and decoration of borders.
2. Machining: Machining is a process of processing each component of the prepared product from raw materials into the size and shape required by the drawing. The main process of machining includes: routing, tenoning, precision cutting, engraving, drilling, grinding and other processes.
3. Assembly is the process of using adhesives, nails, screws, etc. to combine multiple components into a product in accordance with specified technical requirements. Taking cabinet products as an example, the process can be divided into assembling rungs, assembling drawers, assembling doors, assembling frames, assembling wooden lines, and trimming.
4. Coating: refers to a decorative process in the production and processing of wooden furniture. The main process includes blank polishing, dust removal, dust grinding, color rubbing, paint mixing, primer spraying, oil grinding, color touch-up, and topcoat spraying. and other process flows. 5. Packaging: refers to packaging the finished product using foam corner protectors, foam boards, cardboard shells, wooden frames and other materials. The main process flows include installation, assembly, trial assembly, packaging and transportation.
Different types and sizes of furniture manufacturing companies have different processes.
1. Due to the different materials used, the production processes of solid wood furniture, composite panel furniture, etc. are different in the material preparation and painting processes. 2. The coating process technology is quite different. Small workshops basically spray paint by hand, while some large enterprises use spray painting lines to automate assembly operations. Currently, the more advanced processes include entire automatic production lines, such as UV automatic lines, etc.
Jinan Tri-Tiger workshop has been automated and equipped with large-scale automatic painting production lines and various CNC machines including CNC drilling machines, CNC engraving machines, etc. to ensure that our employees have no chance of exposure to occupational hazards.