Tritiger children's furniture and decorations safety performance

The safety of children's furniture is crucial, what are the safety features of children's furniture produced by Tri-Tiger?
First of all, the right size of holes
The children's furniture we produce pays great attention to the gap between the components, the gap between the children's furniture components should be less than 5 millimeters or greater than or equal to 12 millimeters. Smaller than the appropriate size of the hole will not let the child's hand into; larger than the appropriate size of the hole, and can ensure that the child's limbs are free to stretch, will not be stuck because of the hole.
Pay attention to the stability of the furniture. Children's furniture should have good stability to prevent the child in the process of using the danger of tipping or sliding. Parents can try to push and pull the furniture to make sure it is stable and can withstand certain forces. In addition, the bottom of the furniture can choose to install non-slip pads to increase stability.
Third, pay attention to the corners of the furniture. Children often touch the corners of the furniture when playing, if the corners are not properly handled, it is easy to lead to injuries. tritiger's children's furniture corners are rounded to avoid sharp or protruding corners. In addition, you can use bumper strips or corner protectors on the edges of the furniture to further minimize injuries caused by collisions.

Ensure the safety of furniture materials.
Children's furniture should be made of non-toxic or low-toxic materials to ensure your child's health. We have a very strict purchasing team to test raw materials for antimony, barium, selenium and arsenic.
Confined space as breathable as possible
We are in the production of cabinet type closed products in the cabinet on the side or back of the holes for ventilation, closed furniture should have a certain breathable function, requires that when the closed continuous space is greater than 0.03 cubic meters, it should be set up in the interior of the single opening area of 650 square children's meters, the eyes are at least 150 millimeters away from each other, two not affected by the sun obstruction of the ventilation openings, or a ventilation opening with an equivalent area.

In summary, children's furniture needs to pay attention to the safety of furniture. Attention to the stability of the furniture, edge treatment and material safety are important measures to ensure the safety of children in the use of furniture.