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Hello, welcome to our website, We sincerely hope that you can stay in this page for a moment, the following are some wooden trays samples that we have produced for our customers,

we are an OEM/ODM furniture manufacturer with 19 years of experience, the main materials used include solid wood and man-made boards, iron and wood combination and so on.

If you don't find the product you want, just contact us and we can customize it for you.

Personalized customization: No matter what your brand style is, we can personalize it according to your needs to ensure that the wooden pallets perfectly fit your brand.
Quality Assurance: We use high-quality wood and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that each wooden pallet is
With excellent quality and durability, it provides solid support for your products.
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Diverse Choices: Whether you need a traditional wooden trays or a contemporary design, we can meet your needs. From size, shape to color, you can choose it according to your preference.

MOQ is 200 Pieces.


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