Focus On OEM Quality Furniture  For 18 Years


Tri-Tiger focuses on manufacturing high-quality furniture, paying attention to product details. 

Through our precise machines, efficient team and high-quality materials, many kinds of furniture products can be customized with the highest quality every year.



  Our Customization Process  


Initial Quote

We receive the filled-out quote form, along with your basic information and design documents.

Product Information

Our team will communicate with you to confirm product details such as size, material and quantity.

Final Quote

Send quotations with competitive price on agreed furniture project requirements.


Test samples before production to see if the product details are perfectly suitable for the project.





We will produce furniture according to the requirements and update the production status in time.


A series of tests are performed to ensure the furniture meets company and industry standards.

Packaging & Shipping

The finished furniture is securely packed for shipping and sent for fast and safe shipping.

After-sales Service

The professional support team is available to handle concerns or questions about the product.